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Xmetix provides the next generation of tactical clothing capable of responding to bleeding injury autonomously. The Xmetix clothing are classified as ultra smart as they include both the injury detection and bleeding control features integrated into the clothing. Controlling a life risking bleeding is a race against time.

The key time frames are:

The Xmetix tactical clothing brings these critical time frames to the bare minimum possible by introducing automation. Winning the race against time in combat bleeding is based on the instant and reliable injury detection technology developed by Xmetix.

Xmetix tactical clothing is the first in the market to enable increased combat survivability without compromising comfort and agility of the user.

tactical clothing for combat

Key Product Functions

Xmetix’s first product line is focused on combat related bleeding injury detection and control. The body area focus are extremities, hands and legs. The system is tuned to detect and react to penetrating trauma and amputation based on the following principles:

Enabled by Xmetix sensor mesh technology. Multiple sensors are printed on the fabric without changing its specifications or damaging comfort.

Adaptive onboard software carefully tuned to detect and classify user status and the need to activate the automated bleeding control.

Self powered tourniquets based on miniature electromechanical elements. There devices are designed to stop hand or leg bleeding within seconds range.

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Our Story

Xmetix is all about what technology can do for mankind and what goals technology leaders should pursue. 90% of preventable death on the battlefield is due to bleeding. The 90% figure is repeating over different conflicts and regions, indicating a fundamental gap in the ability to prevent it. We at Xmetix decided to bridge the gap because we know how important it is, understand the operational environment and have a path to a solution. Xmetix core team brings to the table all the needed know how to deliver a robust solution: medical, sensig, software and first hand combat.

In Team

Eviatar Kuhnreich

Eviatar Kuhnreich

Medical Lead

Irad Kuhnreich

Irad Kuhnreich

CEO founder

German Shiklov

German Shiklov

Data science


Xmetix tactical smart shirt and pants are delivered as a no-compromise assault uniform with maximum mobility and durability. These clothing are in multiple sizes for a perfect fit. Base fabric is US made, Mil-Spec, lightweight, fire resistant. As such Xmetix clothing have a perfect fit for police and military applications:

tactical clothing for police
tactical clothing for military

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